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The SafeWork NSW White Card is a mandatory requirement for anyone wanting to work on a construction site in NSW .>>
This SafeWork NSW approved 5-day Health and Safety Representative (HSRs) Course meets the requirements of the Work Health and Safety (WHS)>>
This course is designed to refresh the information and skills attained by HSRs during the initial 5-day training course. The course>>
For more information regarding Return to work coordinator training please contact Catch Training on 02 8007 3427 or at>>

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Construction White Card Courses

Safe work practices are the actions that you take while at work to minimise the chance of causing harm to yourself, others or equipment. It is your responsibility to make sure that you work in a safe way to avoid accidents.

We as the training organisation provide you with the best Construction White Card Courses which will further help you to excel in your career. We have the best range of White Card courses in Sydney or NSW and with the best facilitators in Australia.

Courses Offered in White Card in NSW

White Card Training
The white card training course is aimed at all workers carrying out construction work, including self-employed persons, labourers, apprentices, trades-persons, supervisors and project managers. Students will learn the basic principles of health and safety in the construction industry as well as information about preventing workplace injury and illness, workplace injury management and workers compensation.

Health & Safety Representative
This training module includes two types of courses.

  • HSR Training An HSR and deputy HSR play a pivotal role in gathering information about what the health and safety issues are for their workgroup. They can work out ways to resolve issues in consultation with PCBU representatives such as managers, supervisors as well as committees and other HSRs. Catch provides the best HSR Training in Australia, which will help you to excel in your career.
  • HSR Refresher Training This course is designed to refresh the information and skills attained by HSRs during the initial 5-day training course.

Traffic Control
This also includes two types of courses, which will help you to set up a traffic guidance scheme and know how to control the traffic with the help of signboards.

  • Traffic Controller This short course will provide participants with the skills and practical knowledge to control traffic with a stop-slow bat on roads. If you are looking to start working in the traffic management industry in NSW, then this is the course for you. Working as a Traffic Controller provides an opportunity to work outdoors, travel to various locations, work alongside and meet many new people and open doors to consider other roles within the civil construction sector.
  • Implement Traffic Control Plans This course provides training for personnel who are required to set up and work with Traffic Control Guidance Schemes/Traffic Control Plans at a work site. This course does not qualify a participant to control traffic with a Stop/Slow bat or to modify existing traffic control plans.

Live Voltage Rescue
This accredited course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to effectively respond to an electrical emergency using a live voltage rescue kit. Our training courses are nationally recognised by major electrical authorities and electricity supply industries and workers like origin energy and national bodies as the required standard for Live voltage rescue training in Australia.

Some Money-Saving Combo White Card Courses Sydney

LVR and CPR Combo: This course is a combined skill set covering the skills and knowledge required to rescue a person in contact with live voltage electrical conductors and equipment and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in line with current Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines. It will help you to understand your safety obligations stated in the Electrical and Safety legislation and regulations for employers and employees working in electrical industries.

Traffic Controller & Implement Traffic Control Plans Combo: This combo allows you to complete both your Traffic Controller and Implement Traffic Control Plans training and save $25.

Traffic Controller & Implement Traffic Control Plans & White Card Training Combo: Get the best experience of White Card Training in Sydney and save your money by opting for the combo deal which includes the traffic control training and best white card training in NSW.

RSA, RCG, Barista Crash and Customer Service Skill Combo: This is not only a combo course but a work experience combo which will provide you with a boost in your career, and an edge over others in the recruitment process.

RSA, RCG and Barista Crash Combo: If you are planning to start your career in a bar or in a restaurant/cafe, this course is all you need to get all the knowledge.

RSA and RCG Combo: This is a money saver combo course which will enhance your skills in a bar or in gambling world.

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