Unique Student Identifier - USI in Australia

USI (Unique Student Identifier)

The USI (Unique Student Identifier) is a new Government initiative that links you to any nationally recognised training courses that you complete. This includes courses completed at TAFE, any VET training you received while at school or as part of employer training, and also includes all training that you complete with RTOs such as Catch Training.

When updating your resume or applying for jobs in the future you can simply log into the USI website and print off a list of all the qualifications you have completed, and when you completed them. You can use the USI website to monitor when qualifications such as First Aid and RSA / RCG are due for renewal. To enable the above records to be collected ii is now a mandatory government requirement that all students provide Catch Training with their USI before, or when you attend your upcoming course.

  • Click here to view a one minute video, it’s a great introduction to the concept of the USI and how to create one for yourself.
  • Click here to read the steps to creating your USI.
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