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CHCECE004 – Promote and Provide Healthy Food and Drinks

Catch - Provide and provide healthy food and drinks Training


CHCECE004 – Promote and Provide Healthy Food and Drinks


4 hours plus homework


Catch Training St Mary’s
Hills District



Course Description: This course is designed to meet the needs of those working with children and young people who have previously completed CHCECE004 – PROMOTE AND PROVIDE HEALTHY FOOD AND DRINKS training and are required to regularly update and refresh their knowledge in this area. The course content is regularly updated to ensure that attending this training keeps participants up to date with the latest developments in child protection legislation and policy.

Unit of Competency: None – unaccredited refresher training only.

Course Outcome: Participants who successfully complete this training will receive a Certificate of Attendance for CHCECE004 – PROMOTE AND PROVIDE HEALTHY FOOD AND DRINKS Refresher Training.

Entry Requirements: There are no entry requirements for this training course.

Ideal for:

  • For Educators and coordinators who are responsible for meal and menu planning
  • Cooks working in the Early Childhood Care sector
  • For carers that coordinate meal times in a family day care setting
  • Those who are wanting the latest update on best practices

What you will learn:

  • How to promote, model and engage children in positive experiences that encourage healthy lifestyle and good nutrition
  • How to provide support and education around healthy eating and lifestyle to both children and families
  • How to read and interpret food labels and plan menus
  • How to ensure children’s individual needs are met consistent with advice provided eg: cultural or allergy considerations, likes and dislikes
  • Food safety practices

Duration: 2 hours