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Barista Crash & Latte Art Combo

Catch - Latte Art Training


Barista Crash & Latte Art Combo


4 Hours


Catch Training St Mary’s
Hills District



Course description: It seems everywhere you look in Sydney there is a café or a venue serving coffee. Behind every coffee machine there is a trained and experienced barista. Our Basic Barista course helps you begin your journey to a successful career in coffee; or perhaps you just want to make a better coffee on your machine at home. Either way, our friendly and experienced training facilitator will help you learn your way around a manual Espresso Coffee Machine. Completing this hands on face to face training course will make you more employable as your future employers will know that you have already had this training and therefore they won’t need to provide it.

Course outcome: Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion to add to their resume.

Course content:

  • The making of a Barista – learn the basics of the coffee machine, coffee grinder, texture and temperature of milk
  • Start making coffee within the first hour!
  • Learning coffee types served in Australian cafés – Cappuccino, Short Black, Flat White, Macchiato, Latte
  • Serving your first coffee as a Barista
  • Cleaning and maintaining a coffee machine and grinder
  • Appreciating the art of coffee making

Latte Art

  • The importance of milk texture
  • How to maintain consistency with textured milk
  • How to free-pour your first latte art cup
  • Different styles and designs of latte art
  • To experiment and discover your own inner creativity

Assessment requirements: To pass this course participants will have to successfully complete both a verbal and practical assessment. However there is no need to worry, our trainer will teach you everything you need to know on the day.


**This course is not nationally accredited