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Advanced Barista


Course description: 

In the ever more complicated world of espresso coffee Catch Training’s Advanced Barista course will provide you with the professional knowledge and skills a working barista needs.

Learn everything you need to know about espresso and then a little more.
Dialling in the grind? Weighing the yield? Ratios?
Our experienced trainers will guide you through all the terminology & complexity of modern espresso, with a focus on achieving the best possible results!

The Advanced Barista course is both written and practical course. We allow up to 3 hours for the course duration, depending on class size.
Available at our Castle Hill and St Mary’s training centres.

Course content:

  • Espresso recipes
  • Dosing, extraction & yield
  • Ratios
  • Temperatures and pressures
  • Workflow efficiency and time management
  • Machinery & maintenance


This course is suitable for:

  • At home experts aiming for commercial quality coffee
  • Baristas looking to refine their skills, move up in the industry by adding to their knowledge and their CV
  • New or veteran café owners looking to improve their espresso quality (or check up on their baristas!)
  • Anyone returning to coffee after some time away, looking to Catch up to the new industry standards.
  • Those who have successfully completed our Barista Crash Course, looking to take their skills to the next level.


Course outcome: Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion to add to their resume



**This course is not nationally accredited