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Bonnie Roodt


Bonnie Roodt

Graphic/Digital Designer

Q&A with Bonnie Roodt

Q: What is your name?
A: Bonnie Roodt

Q: What do you do at Catch Training?
A: I am Graphic/Digital Designer, brand custodian and in charge of making us look good in print and online platforms.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about working at Catch?
A: As a perpetual student I love that we help people move ahead in their careers through training and also being part of such a fantastic team.

Q: If you could do a course and learn anything, what would it be?
A: I would love to learn a foreign language like French or Italian.

Q. Name someone you’d love to meet?
A. Richard Branson for his entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit. I would love to be able to pick his brain!

Q. Would you rather trade intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?
A. Looks for intelligence. Intelligence and education can take you anywhere that you want to go in life.