First aid training is an essential teaching that you must impart on your child for the sake of his/her safety. You never know when what kind of emergency may arise. 

Here are a few simple first aid essentials that you must teach your kids at home:

1. Calling an emergency number

As soon as your kid starts recognizing numbers, you must teach them how to call for immediate medical help numbers as a precautionary measure. One of the many basic first aid techniques is to summon apt medical help, like an ambulance. 

While teaching your kid, one thing to keep in mind is to emphasize the seriousness of those emergency numbers and why it is not something to be toyed around with for fun. 


2. Bleeding Control

Kids do trip and fall quite often, and this leads to various injuries on the playground. You can’t accompany your child everywhere he/she goes, but it is vital that you teach them how to control bleeding in case they fall or their friend gets injured. Usually, applying apt pressure on the bleeding wound is enough to stop the flow of blood. Teaching your kid this first aid technique can prove very handy and prevent them from panicking the next time they get injured. 


3. Fire Safety- Stop, Drop, and Roll

God forbid if your child ever catches fire, you must teach your child how to save himself from further getting injured and put the fire out immediately. Teach your kid the necessary stop, drop, and roll trick. 

In case the accident occurs outdoors, make sure to teach your kid it’s recommended to try this technique on grass because it works better than concrete. On the other hand, if this technique is applied indoors, it’s better to do it on a hard surface other than a carpet. It is best if you get your kid to practice it as a precautionary measure.


4. Teach them CPR

CPR training is one of the basic first aid techniques that you should teach your kid. There’s no hiding the fact that in case of a cardiac arrest doing nothing only means death. To prepare your kid for any future mishap, make sure to include CPR training as a part of your basic first aid teaching. 

Do not forget to emphasize the importance of this exercise and not practice it on his/her friends for fun. It is essential that you only practise on dummies. 


5. Fire safety drill

The moment the smoke alarm goes off, it is important that your child is aware of a basic safety plan, other than panicking. This is why you need to include a well planned out fire safety drill in his/her basic first aid training. Brief them up on how to escape the building using a fire escape ladder or emergency exit, what to do if they are stuck in a room and various other instances like that!


Precaution is always better than cure. Teach your kid the essential first aid techniques with a Catch Training programme and prepare them for a safer tomorrow.