There are situations when people get injured and end up bleeding. You have to act fast to prevent much loss of blood by providing first aid to the victim. If there is a heavy loss of blood, the person needs emergency care immediately. Acute loss of blood can send the person into shock and can even get fatal. Minor bruises and cuts may just need first aid to stop the bleeding, but deep injuries may need medical intervention and treatment.

First-aid tips to stop bleeding

As a first aid provider, you need to plug the wound as quickly as possible. As the clotting process begins, it proceeds to stop the blood flow. But when blood is flowing out of the wound, the coagulation process cannot begin; hence you have to stop the flow by applying pressure on the wound. The use of gauze pads allows the blood to stay onto the wound, helping the blood components stick together to begin the clotting process.

To prevent the bleeding from resuming again, don’t change the gauze just because it’s soaked. Add another layer of gauze or cloth to the existing one till emergency services arrive. Lay down or raise the injured limb to prevent the work of gravity in allowing the blood to gush out faster. Applying direct pressure will slow the blood pushing up and out.