Apart from the glitz and glamour that casinos boast off, you can have a great career being a dealer on a gaming table. Being a casino dealer is quite an exciting career option. It’s also a great paying job if you happen to get hired at one of the popular gaming casinos. There are many perks involved in working as a casino dealer, and the best part is to see first-hand how luck and strategy work in such games.

What Are The Requirements To Work At A Casino?

It would help if you had at least a high school diploma to qualify for the job. Not having a criminal record and no misdemeanors either to your name is mandatory. You also need to pass a pre-employment drug test and have to acquire a gaming license. Be ready for unscheduled working hours.

Though there is no prior experience required, training on skills needed can level up your chance to grab the job offer even better. Training academy like Catch Training offers state-of-the-art casino dealer courses that train aspirants within weeks and make them ready for the job. However, if you have worked in a similar environment or have acquired training, it can help you get the job and perhaps get a chance to ask for higher pay. 

The casino dealer job is a good career move when you are trying to earn good money. You can earn hourly wages, which adds up an excellent annual income to take home when you are well trained about RSA and RCG. It’s quite a reasonable sum of money that many other jobs don’t pay as much even with experience.

Along with your wages, you can collect tips from the customers playing at your table, which is an add-on to what you are already earning. Some days you can make much more than what you may reach for the whole week or month in the form of tips. The key is to get your customers to pay more to earn more bonuses, and sometimes it’s luck.

There is never a dull moment at a casino, which is full of life and chatter and, of course, some serious play. You will find people having fun and letting their hair down. Several of them are trying their luck on some of the playing tables. It’s a clean and safe environment to work in. You will find that casinos appoint top-notch security, so you will know that you are safe on the job. 

Like most jobs, you can get medical coverage like a casino dealer. Not people believe it’s a real job, and you could get one, but you do, and that’s why it’s one of the best career moves.

Those who love gaming and want to be part of it without spending money but make a quick buck themselves could watch the game played closely. You can get to be a casino dealer and make some earning and salary and tips to make it an overall lucrative proposition. When you start initially as a fresher to the job, the pay may be pretty slim, but you may go on to make some good money being a casino card dealer as you gain experience.