With the increase in population and a decrease in job offers, many people cannot find the right job. Here are a few reasons why this is happening.

1. Is it the job you want to stick to?

Owing to personal commitments and financial situations, some apply to random companies and positions, hoping it would help them resolve their current crisis. Later, they tend to regret their choice due to lack of job satisfaction. In this case, you’re entangled in a place that you don’t want to fit because you had to take care of other needs then. This can be prevented by asking a few questions to yourself. For example, can I temporarily use other resources to solve the issue while applying for the job I desire? Will I be able to build my career in the long term if I take up this job?

2. Is the resume communicating the right message?

While applying for a particular position, your resume needs to be customized accordingly. If you cannot provide the interviewer the years of experience and excellence in that specific field, the other details may not catch their eyes. Your resume should be more relevant to the position you’re applying for.

3. Are your communication skills perfect?

Communication plays an essential role in a professional setting, and that is a skill that might instantly influence the interviewers to derive at a conclusion. The language medium needn’t be sophisticated, but it should convey the essential points in a simplified manner.

4. Are you adequately qualified?

Certain job offers don’t mention the qualification requirements for the position. You might apply to the job hoping you’re qualified enough to handle the nature of that job. In some cases, though the qualification requirements have been mentioned, some people still apply hoping to be chosen despite the lack of qualification. In both cases, the outcome can be unfavourable. Certain companies can pass your resume even if you’re overqualified.

5. Is there a career break?

This is one of the most crucial questions that might hit the interviewer. There can be so many reasons why there’s been a considerable gap in someone’s work-life—for example, maternity leave, long term illness, lack of job openings, personal loss etc.

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