Our Founders

Our Team – Chris and Balvinder Young

Chris and Balvinder Young are the Founders and owners of Catch Training

A life changing illness that threatened their family’s future became the unlikely inspiration for Chris and Balvinder Young to start a training company based on their own principles of positivity, enthusiasm and equality.

Chris’ business career started when he completed the McDonald’s management development program I the UK and he spent several years working in operations management. He then spent three years on secondment in the McDonald’s training department where he was lucky enough to be in an environment where he was encouraged to develop his own, natural facilitation style while also learning how to manage training activities.

In his most recent role, as Operations Manager with the Resurg Group Chris spent 7 years managing a team who successfully delivered over five hundred training workshops and Performance Groups to small business and franchise owners around Australia.

After studying Business Management, Balvinder’s built a career in the Civil Service in London, including Customs and Excise and the Corporation of London. In her role with the Corporation of London, Balvinder managed a program that encouraged businesses in the City of London to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices. This role gave Balvinder a strong grounding for her role at Catch working closely with both Government regulators and business clients. She has also ensures the team at Catch are always working to develop business systems that are environmentally sustainable.

In August 2012, Chris and Balvinder’s lives changed forever. On Wednesday August 8th 2012 Chris woke up with flu like symptoms and went to see his Doctor. She advised that he had the flu, wrote a prescription and warned him that he should prepare myself for a few days off work to recover from it. By Saturday night the flu symptoms had worsened along with severe pain, Chris couldn’t sleep so decided to go to hospital for help.

Ten days later Chris woke up from a coma having no idea what had happened to him, or of the hell that his family had been through after being told that he wasn’t going to live. The illness that almost killed Chris was Severe Streptococcal A Septic Shock. There was no obvious reason as to why Chris had contracted the illness.

Just as Chris and Balvinder started to realise what a miraculous escape Chris had made by surviving the illness, the next horror began to unveil itself. Chris had severe gangrene damage to both hands and feet and doctors advised that he would lose both feet and also that eight of his ten fingers were ‘not viable’ and would also need to be amputated. In September 2012 Chris’ left leg was amputated below the knee. Chris and Balvinder decided not to allow any further amputations at that time. However in January 2015, after trying many different treatments, Chris lost the battle to keep his right foot and became a bi-lateral below knee amputee.

Due to pain and the inability to walk even short distances Chris was faced with the fact that he would be unable to return to his role with the Resurg Group as he would not be able to commute to the office or travel around Australia delivering training workshops. Chris and Balvinder and their three children faced an uncertain financial future.

Chris wanted to find a way I could continue to enjoy my passion for business and training, but rather than being able to deliver the training himself he would need to be able to motivate others to deliver the training with the positive approach I believed in myself.

As a result Catch Training was born. Chris and Balvinder have personally selected each trainer at Catch
Training using a thorough recruitment process. We have a strong focus on the professional development of all our trainers so that they are constantly working to improve themselves. Each Catch Training policy has been built around the needs of the customer, not the needs of the company. All the content on Catch’s courses is designed to provide knowledge and increase skills, not to be simply a tick box exercise where a certificate is gained. Every effort has been made to ensure that Interacting with Catch is an enjoyable, rewarding and easy experience.